iPhone compass not working? 11 Ways to fix it!

Do you prefer travelling to parks and remote locations or engaging in adventurous activities like hiking and camping? Also, do you require directions if you wish to go to a friend’s flat or an event? You can traverse unknown locations and get real-time instructions with the built-in compass on the iPhone. On occasion, the Compass app on your iPhone might not function properly, leaving you disoriented and angry.

To prevent this, we’ll walk you through the many solutions to the problem of an iOS 16-running iPhone’s compass not working.

1. Force-quit and re-open Compass app

The first thing you might want to do when your iPhone’s compass fails is to force-close the app and restart it. This may help to recalibrate the sensor and clear any temporary glitches.

To force stop the app, swipe up on the Compass app from the app drawer.

After a few seconds, re-open the Compass App to see if it is functioning properly.

2. Enable Compass Calibration

Another reason the compass on your iPhone could not function properly is compass calibration. When you enable compass calibration, your iPhone will be able to employ motion sensors, Wi-Fi signals, and GPS to increase the precision of the compass readings. Follow these easy steps to solve this.

1.Go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Location Services.

2. Scroll down and tap System Services.

3. Toggle on Compass Calibration.

3. Update iOS to the latest version

If your iPhone’s software is outdated, it may result in compass issues. You may want to fix this by updating your iOS to the latest version.

  1. Go to Settings → General → Software Update.
  2. Tap Download and install if any update is available.

4. Check for interference

The compass on your iPhone depends on magnetic sensors, therefore any interference from magnetic fields could cause the compass to stop working.

Avoid using any metal objects or other electronic gadgets that could cause magnetic interference to remedy this.

5. Turn off/on Location Services

Sometimes, all you need to fix your iPhone compass not working is to turn off and then turn on your location services. This will allow you to refresh your iPhone’s location. It can be that simple!

  1. Go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Location Services.
  2. Disable Location Services. Wait for a few seconds, and then enable it.

6. Disable True North

The iPhone has a feature called True North that helps you find your way around. Your iPhone’s compass can automatically point to the earth’s magnetic field thanks to True North.

This capability isn’t always necessary, though, especially if you’re close to some electronic gadgets or in an environment with a lot of magnetic interference. It’s possible that you should turn off True North if your compass doesn’t function under these circumstances.

  1. Go to Settings → Compass.
  2. Next, toggle off Use True North.

3. Re-open the Compass app to see if it works now.

7. Shake or back tap your iPhone

Back pressing or shaking your iPhone is a tip you might want to try if you’re experiencing trouble with your iPhone’s compass. YES! You read correctly. This may seem strange, but it gives the machine a mild jolt and defrosts the compass.

This approach, however, only functions with iPhone X and more recent models. Consider giving it a go by performing the following basic steps:

  1. Launch your Compass app.
  2. Shake your iPhone vigorously while holding it tight.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and restart the Compass app to see if it works.

8. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is a well-liked and simple solution to fix minor system difficulties, including compass problems. The first thing you can attempt when an app unexpectedly stops functioning due to a bug is to restart your iPhone. This could assist in clearing the RAM on your iPhone and resolving additional potential compass-related issues.

9. Reset location data

Another easy remedy to restore the functionality of the compass on your iPhone is typically to reset your location data. It enables you to restore the default values for all location and privacy settings.

But there’s a problem with that. It deletes all location and privacy-related information from your iPhone. Therefore, make sure location data is the genuine cause of the problem before resetting it and that you have attempted any other previously proposed fixes. To prevent data loss, you might also wish to back up your location information on iCloud or a computer.

  1. Go to Settings → General → Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Choose Reset → Reset Location and Privacy.

3. Now, re-open the Compass app to see if it is working properly.

10. Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and your iPhone compass still doesn’t work, you may need to contact Apple Support. They can help you to diagnose and fix the issue.

11. Use a third-party compass app

If none of the suggestions above work, you might want to try a different compass app. Other than what Apple’s built-in app offers, some third-party compass apps offer really intriguing capabilities like advanced mapping, augmented overlays, and customization choices. Some are useful for particular tasks like professional navigation and hiking as well.

But you must exercise caution when it comes to your privacy. So pick a trustworthy compass app.

Don’t get lost!

Experiencing issues with the Compass app on iPhone isn’t uncommon and can be easily fixed by following the solutions outlined in this post. Remember to take preventive measures like removing magnetic objects close to your iPhone.


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