How to turn on Background App Refresh on iPhone or iPad

Things to know before you turn on Background App Refresh on your iPhone

  • Background App Refresh does not work if you have turned on Low Power Mode.
  • This feature consumes a lot of data and drains the battery of your iPhone.

The best memory management features are found on Apple devices. With the Background App Refresh feature, you may prevent the requirement for the apps to reload everything. Therefore, you can pick up where you left off when you switch apps. Nice, huh? Let’s investigate how to activate Background App Refresh on an iPhone.

What is Background App Refresh on iPhone?

Apps can update their content with the help of the BAR. As a result, they can operate efficiently and provide reliable performance. When this functionality is turned on, apps can do a number of tasks in the background. You will see the most recent headlines, just like when you open news applications.

Aside from that, cloud storage providers automatically sync your files, and apps that track your mobile data usage continue to measure in the background. Using social media apps also eliminates the need to wait for the newest updates and refresh the feed. You must force-stop any apps that you don’t want to get updates.

Notifications are unaffected by Background App Refresh. You will still receive notifications when a new message is received, for instance, even if you disable the messaging app capability.

Limitations of using Background App Refresh

  • When Low Power Mode is activated on your iPhone, which restricts certain functions in order to preserve battery life, BAR will not function. So, instead of manually turning off the Background App Refresh, select Low Power Mode if you only need to conserve battery life. So, after turning off Low Power Mode, BAR will start up again.
  • Additionally, the Settings app allows you to disable cellular data access for any app. The result is that it will stop data-hungry apps from abusing background app refresh. Turn off the feature for any programme that you don’t want to run in the background or that you don’t use frequently.
  • It uses a lot of data and battery. In the past, there was only one option: to completely deactivate it. However, you can now choose to activate Background App Refresh when solely using Wi-Fi. As a result, you will receive the feature’s advantages while conserving cellular data.

How to enable or disable Background App Refresh on iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone → tap General.
  2. Now, choose Background App Refresh.

    Tap on Background App Refresh on iPhone
  3. Next up, tap Background App Refresh again.
  4. Now, choose from one of these three options:

    Turn on Background App Refresh on iPhone
    • Off: If you wish to completely disable this feature, select Off so no app will update in the background.
    • Wi-Fi: If you want apps to refresh using Wi-Fi only, select the Wi-Fi option.
    • Wi-Fi & Mobile Data: By default, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data is selected.

How to manage background app refresh on iPhone

You will notice that all of your apps are active after turning on the BAR. When you have a lot of apps, it might not be the best idea to activate it for each one. This is especially true if you have a limited monthly data allowance.

So, go to the Background App Refresh page from Settings → General. Then toggle off the switch beside the app you don’t use.

Manage background app refresh on iPhone

I advise turning on the feature so that apps like News and Weather can function properly. Facebook and Instagram, for example, can still run without it. However, since you would have to manually update the content, it might not be enjoyable.


Why is Background App Refresh greyed out?

Due to Low Power Mode existing on your iPhone, the Background App Refresh feature can be disabled. Or perhaps you’ve disabled it across all apps. Verify that the toggle next to the app is turned on. Additionally, any programme you have exited via the app switcher will cause the background activity to stop.

That’s all for today, folks!

Without a question, Background App Refresh is a crucial feature for the apps you use every day. Enable the option for certain apps if data and battery usage are issues for you. Should Background App Refresh be enabled, in your opinion? Comment below with your response and let me know.


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