How to set up and use Touch ID on Mac in macOS Ventura

Due to the increasing demand for rapid and secure device access over the past few years, Touch ID has gained popularity. These days, a lot of Apple products, such the Mac or Magic Keyboard, include this feature. I’ll demonstrate how to set up and use Touch ID on a Mac running macOS Ventura or later in this tutorial.

What is Touch ID on Mac?

Apple created the Touch ID mechanism for biometric authentication. The power button on a few Mac models and Magic Keyboards has Touch ID built in, which verifies your identity using your fingerprint.

It takes a high-resolution photograph of your fingerprint, which is later converted into a mathematical representation and securely saved on the device, making the feature simple to use.

Put your finger on the Touch ID sensor to verify your identity. Your current fingerprint will then be compared to the information already saved by the gadget to confirm your identity. Easy-peasy!

Now that you have a clear picture of what Touch ID is, let us check how to set up Touch ID on Mac.

How to set up Touch ID on Mac

  1. Click the Apple logo () → Select System Settings.

    Click apple logo and select system settings
  2. Locate and choose Touch ID & Password → Click on Add Fingerprint.

    Choose Touch ID & Password and click on Add Fingerprint
  3. Enter your Mac’s password → Hit Unlock.

    Enter your Mac’s password and hit Unlock
  4. Now, place your finger on the power button to scan it.
  5. Click Done to finish scanning and set up the fingerprint.

    Click Done to finish scanning and set up the fingerprint

Note: You will be asked to set up the Touch ID while you are setting up a new Mac. In case you chose to skip the procedure back then, these steps would help!

How to rename fingerprints on Mac

To maintain security, avoid confusion, and stop data loss, rename fingerprints on your Mac. This makes it simple for you to recognise and exclude anyone to whom you have granted access to your device. Follow these guidelines depending on the version of macOS you are running.

  1. Choose the Apple logo () → Go to System Settings.

    Click apple logo and select system settings
  2. Scroll down and select Touch ID & Password.
  3. Click the Fingerprint [name] → Type a new name → Hit return.

    Click the Fingerprint [name], type a new name, and hit return

How to delete fingerprints on Mac

While removing fingerprints on a Mac running macOS Ventura is typically easy, it can occasionally be difficult. The steps listed below should be followed to guarantee success.

  1. Head to the Apple logo () → Choose System Settings.

    Click apple logo and select system settings
  2. Go to Touch ID & Password → Hover over the finger [name] you wish to delete → Click on the X icon.

    Go to Touch ID & Password and hover over the finger [name] you wish to delete
  3. Enter your Mac password → Press Unlock.

    Enter your Mac’s password and hit Unlock
  4. Confirm by clicking Delete.

    Confirm by clicking Delete

Benefits of using Touch ID on Mac

Even if your Mac’s Touch ID setup is simple, there is still a lot to learn! Let’s examine Touch ID’s full range of functions and discover how to make the most of this feature.

1. Unlock your Mac

The main use of Touch ID is to unlock your device without having to input your Mac’s password. However, one of its limitations is that you must input your password at least once after restarting your Mac.

Additionally, it lets you to access password-protected stuff using biometric authentication rather than typing in your password, which might be one of the most helpful advantages for you if you frequently forget your password.

2. Switch users with Touch ID

You can set up Touch ID so that switching between different users on your Mac happens quickly. However, before switching to that user account, the user you want to use must have already logged into the Mac by inputting their password.

In other words, a user must successfully finish the initial login procedure by entering their password before Touch ID can be utilised to swiftly switch to their account.

3. Password AutoFill with Touch ID

Using Touch ID to auto-fill passwords on your Mac makes sense whether you’re worried about the security of manually entering usernames and passwords on various programmes or you simply don’t want to take the time to do so.

This function can also speed up your online buying by automatically filling in your credit card information when prompted. When you use Touch ID to scan your fingerprint, it accomplishes this by immediately entering your information.

4. Purchase items with Touch ID

Along with its security advantages, Touch ID can be a helpful tool for expediting the Apple Pay payment process. Fingerprint scanning can speed up and simplify the procedure by removing the need for a password.

By using Apple Pay to make an online purchase, Touch ID can simplify the process. Because of the enhanced convenience, Touch ID is a useful tool for people who want to streamline their processes and boost productivity.


Which Mac models support Touch ID?

You can use Touch ID with MacBook Air (2018 and later) and MacBook Pro (2016 and later).

Can I use Touch ID for other apps or services?

Since Touch ID is enabled for authentication by some third-party apps and services, you can utilise Touch ID tools with other apps and services.

How many fingerprints can I register in Touch ID on Mac?

You can register up to three fingerprints in one user account on your Mac, while the most that can be stored on your Mac are five.

What should I do if Touch ID is not working on Mac?

Checking to see if your finger is clean and dry is the first step in troubleshooting a Touch ID problem. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, see our post on resolving Touch ID problems on Mac.

Is Touch ID secure?

Yes, Touch ID is regarded as a highly secure authentication mechanism because it uses biometric information to verify your identity before unlocking your smartphone. Additionally, it uses a secure enclave, a special piece of hardware that saves your fingerprint data apart from the data on the rest of your device.

However, Touch ID is not infallible and may be circumvented by hackers or attackers, just like any other security feature. Comment below and let me know what you think of Apple’s Touch ID.


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