How to hide Instagram Stories from someone on iPhone?

Instagram is among very popular apps nowadays having 1B+ users. Everyone can post their stories and showcase their talent. By default, when we upload our stories in instagram, it will be visible to everyone. But sometimes, we don’t want to share our instagram stories with everyone. We want to hide it from our random followers, ex- boyfriend/girlfriend, some work colleagues or our relatives, so that our personal life is not accessible to everyone. While using instagram in an iPhone, we can easily change our instagram settings to make our stories hide, and accessible to only a few people we want to share with.

Steps to hide Instagram Story on iPhone are as follows:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on profile picture and then Select the hamburger menu at the top right.

3. Now select Settings and privacy and then tap on Hide story and live.

4. Then tap on Hide story and live from and then select the Users you want to hide your stories from. After that, tap on Done.

These are a few steps by which one can easily hide his/her stories from people to whom you don’t want to share your instagram stories with.

You can also Change your settings, if you want to make your stories visible to everyone. You just need to come back to the same tab and deselect the selected users. After this, your stories will be visible to everyone.

By using the above mentioned steps, you can easily hide your instagram stories from anyone you don’t want to share with.


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