How to find your Facebook username (2023)

Given how many individuals use Facebook every day, finding a user profile by name is really difficult. You might then ask yourself, what if I searched for the Facebook Username instead? However, if you’re not familiar with the procedure, locating your Facebook username on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can prove to be a difficult effort.

In light of this, I have made the decision to give you some useful advice on how to find your username using the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad or the official website. Let’s get going.

Why must you access or change your Facebook username?

People have been abusing Facebook, which was a social media revolution, on a daily basis for far too long. It is crucial to understand how to access or update your Username because of this. It helps to make sure that you continue to have control over how the social media site refers to your profile. Additionally, you can utilize it to alter the Facebook page’s URL.

Additionally, this practice has a tone of advantages.

Establishing your own brand, adding an extra degree of security, and making sure that friends and other users can quickly recognize you.

It is simpler to offer someone a link to your profile when you have a unique username rather than a big, complicated URL.

Even when you use other social media platforms, it can assist you in developing a more recognizable online presence.

Finally, a distinctive username enables you to successfully manage numerous accounts, both personal and professional.

Having said that, there is a quick and easy approach that every Facebook user may utilize to give their profile a distinctive Username.

How to find and change Facebook username on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the profile icon at the bottom right.
  3. Scroll down the menu and access Settings & Privacy→ Settings.

4. Now, navigate to See more in Accounts Centre.

5. Go to your user profile and select an account of your preference.

6. When prompted, tap Username to overview your current username.

7. Additionally, you can rename your Username if you desire → Press Done.

8. Finally, press Done to conclude the process.

How to find and change Facebook username on the web

  1. Visit the official website of Facebook via any browser of your preference.
  2. Click on your profile → Navigate to the Settings & privacy option from the menu.

3. Hit Settings when prompted.

4. In this instance, you can find the Username of your account towards the end of the link, as highlighted below.

5. Furthermore, you can change the Username of your Facebook ID by clicking the Edit option.

6. Type the Username you prefer, and if it’s available to use, press Save Changes

7. Enter the password of your ID when prompted and hit Submit to conclude the process.

These methods, categorized according to various platforms, will take you to your respective Facebook Username, followed by the ability to change the same if you prefer.


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