How to extract audio from video on iPhone and iPad

Have you come across a fantastic reel on Instagram and wish to use the audio to produce a podcast, use it as background music, or use it in other content? In particular, if you are not experienced with video editing software, you might be curious about how to extract audio from video. I’ll show you how to extract audio from videos on your iPhone using both native and third-party apps in this blog article.

Extract audio from video on iPhone using Shortcuts

You can use iMovie on your iPhone to edit audio-only portions of a video. In a movie production, you can also incorporate audio from other videos. Sadly, you cannot preserve the audio from a video. I have therefore discovered a workaround to get the same result.

The greatest iPhone app for removing sounds from videos is Shortcuts. It could seem too difficult to create the shortcut to convert video to audio. Installing this audio-extracting shortcut is advised because of this.

  1. Tapping the above link will redirect you to the Shortcuts app.
  2. Select (+) Add Shortcut. 

    Go to Shortcuts App
  3. Now go to the Photos app → choose the video you want to extract the audio from.
  4. Tap the Share button.
  5. Pull up the Share Sheet and select Separate Audio.
    It will take some time to extract audio.

    Go to the Photos app, choose the video, tap the Share button, select Separate Audio
  6. Go to the Browse tab → select the three-dot icon at the top.
  7. Tap New Folder to create a folder in iCloud drive.

    Tap New Folder to create a folder in iCloud drive
  8. Go inside the new folder and tap Open.
    The audio file will be saved in the folder.
  9. To access the audio clip, open the Files app and then go to the folder you created.

    Open the Files app

Now you can rename and share the extracted audio clip. Also, you can access the Shortcut using voice commands from Siri.

Use third-party apps to convert video to audio on iPhone

The App Store has a large selection of video to audio converter applications. Unexpectedly, you can also extract audio from videos on your iPhone using the Documents app.

Here, I am using the simplest option, using the Audio Converter app.

  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Open the app → tap the plus icon.
  3. Select Import from Videos. It will ask for permission.

    Install third-party apps to convert video to audio 
  4. Now choose the video you want → tap Done.
  5. Get back to the homepage and tap the video.
  6. Select Extract Audio.
  7. It will open an editing interface. Tap the export icon at the top right.
  8. Rename the audio file → tap OK.

    Select Extract Audio, tap export icon, rename file, and tap Ok
  9. Now you can send the audio or upload it to iCloud by tapping the info icon.

Remember that third-party apps may have privacy infringements. So, be careful before using any personal videos.

Extract audio seamlessly!

I hope that this tutorial helped you understand how to get audio out of a video on your iPhone. Therefore, you can achieve this in just a few easy steps whether you’re a content creator or just want to extract the audio from your personal films. The audio file can then be uploaded to iCloud and edited on a Mac.


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