How to change Calendar color on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

On Apple devices, the Calendar app provides a number of useful functions, including the ability to share the calendar with other users, create and update events, send or reply to invitations, and much more. The ability to color-code calendars is my favourite feature out of all of them.

You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoy keeping things organised and want to know how to do the same on the Calendar app. You may follow this tutorial to change the colours of the Calendar on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How does color coding Calendar events help?

There are numerous studies that demonstrate how colour improves memory and attention. You may find the same information by doing a quick online search. Speaking from personal experience, it is reliable and improves memory function.

Even putting aside the issue of focus and memory, if you give each repeating event on your calendar a different colour, it will stand out from the others and make it easier to find it quickly while searching.

A short peek at the calendar will reveal the event you’re looking for, for instance, if you’ve color-coded every event and are searching for family and friend birthdays in December. Why? because you can recognise it more readily and can recall the colour that was allocated to it.

For any Marvel aficionados out there, imagine it being similar to Daredevil’s paranormal skills.

How to change color of Calendar on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the “Calendars” option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the ‘i (information icon) next to the calendar you want to change the color for. 
  4. Tap the Color option. 

    Tap Color option in Calender iPhone
  5. You can now select from the list of already available colors or tap Custom… to pick a color of your choice. 
  6. If you decide to go down the latter path, choose a custom color from the Grid, Spectrum, or Slider.
  7. Once done, tap at the top right and then tap Back at the top left corner. 

    Tap x at the top right and then tap Back in Calender on iPhone
  8. Now, tap Done at the top right corner. 

    color code event or change Calendar color on iPhone

You have successfully changed the color of that particular calendar. You can follow the same process to color code all your calendars and get organized better. 

How to change color of calendar on Mac

The process of color coding events on Mac is very similar to the iPhone and iPad. However, because the user interface is different, we have the steps below to guide you through the process.  

  1. Open the Calendar App on your Mac device. 
  2. Click on the Calendar icon at the top left corner. A list of all the calendars will appear. 

    Click on the Calendar icon in Calender app on Mac
  3. Double Tap/Right-click on the Calendar/Event you want to customize. 
  4. Select from the list of available colors or click Custom Color… option. 

    click Custom Color option in Calender on Mac
  5. If you pick the Custom Color… option, select a color of your choice, and the calendar will instantly apply that color to the selected event.

    Select a color of your choice on Mac

You’ve now successfully changed the Mac’s calendar’s colour. To color-code each of your calendars, follow the same procedure. When you’re finished, be sure to read our guide to the top macOS Ventura features to make the most of your Mac.

Manage events better than before

Your tasks will benefit greatly from the color-coding of your calendars. More information is now visible at a glance, and it is also simpler to identify. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other questions.


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