How to buy Kindle books on iPhone and iPad (2023)

Things to know:

  • Amazon refuses to pay Apple’s fee for purchases made via the iOS apps. So, you can’t buy Kindle books using the Amazon app or Kindle app.
  • To buy books on iPhone, you must access the Kindle store using the website with Safari.

One of the most widely used apps for reading books is Kindle. The app is perfect for passionate readers because it offers over a million books. Knowing how to purchase Kindle books on iPhone and iPad will enable you to rapidly access the world of literature, whether you’re a bookworm or simply seeking for a new way to pass the time.

How to purchase Kindle books on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Safari app on your iPhone.
  2. Head to → tap Sign In.
  3. Log in with your E-mail and Password.
  4. Search for your desired book in the Search Amazon bar

5. Tap the book → choose Kindle.

6. Tap Buy now with 1-Click or Buy Now and complete your purchase.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully purchased your book.

Create a Shortcut to Kindle Store on your Home Screen

  1. Open the Safari app and navigate to
  2. Select the Menu icon (three lines) and navigate to Kindle.
  3. Go to Kindle Books.
  4. Tap the Share icon from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Choose Add to Home Screen.
  6. Rename the icon.
  7. Tap Add.

Voila! You can now directly buy books on your from the Kindle shortcut.

Access purchased books in Kindle app on iPhone or iPad

Before accessing the books, make sure you have logged in to the Kindle app using the same email ID you made the purchase with.

  1. Open the Kindle app on your iPhone.
  2. Head to the Library view.
  3. Tap the purchased book to download it to the device.

You’ll notice a check mark on the book’s cover, which indicates that you’ve successfully downloaded the book to your device.

Remove downloaded books from the Kindle app

  1. Head to Kindle app → Library view.
  2. Switch to the Downloaded tab.
  3. Press and hold a book.
  4. Choose Remove Download

You may also choose Permanently Delete. However, this will erase your purchase, and you might need to repurchase it for future reference. I’d suggest avoiding this option.


Q. Can I read Kindle books offline on my iPhone?

yes, On your iPhone, you can read Kindle books offline. A book that you’ve downloaded using the Kindle app will show up in the Device section. On the Device tab, every book can be read offline.

Q. Is Apple Books better than Amazon Kindle?

You can read books and listen to your favourite audiobooks using both applications. However, one key distinction between the two is that while Apple Books lets you read free books, the Kindle app offers a much larger catalogue of eBooks.

Q. What are some good alternatives for Kindle?

If you don’t like Kindle, take a look at our list of the top book apps for your iPhone and iPad. Kindle is one of the greatest programmes for reading eBooks.

Happy reading…

I wish you luck in using this post to purchase your preferred Kindle books for iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget to look at the suggestions I’ve provided below that may encourage you to read more.


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