Download Pride wallpapers for iPhone in 2023

Celebrated in June, Pride Month honors the true essence of love that goes beyond gender, color, and status. It emphasizes equality, respect, and acceptance for queer and trans people across the globe.

We have created cute, colorful, and unique wallpapers to wrap you in the warmth of Pride Month. Our designers have squished out their creative juices and taken inspiration from Pinterest to create the best Pride Month wallpapers for iPhone.

Note: Remember to tap the Download icon placed below each wallpaper to make them your own.

1. Apple Pride 2023 wallpaper

Move in style. Or should I say in waves? Tap the Download icon to adorn your iPhone with a stretch of colorful waves moving along to give a unique feel. 

Wavy Pride Month 4K wallpaper


2. Victory Pride Month iPhone wallpaper 

V for Victory. Here, the V sign forms the heart of the wallpaper, demonstrating victory for the LGTBQ community. Powerful, right?  

Victory Pride Month iPhone wallpaper 


3. Sassy Pride Month 4K wallpaper 

Add spice to your iPhone with this cool iOS 16 pride wallpaper. Colorful tongue, red lips, sassy smirk- this wallpaper shouts boldness. Oh, and the pop of yellow background steals the show.   

Sassy Pride Month 4K wallpaper


4. Finger heart Pride Month HD wallpaper

Finger hearts are cute; so is this wallpaper. The confetti shower on the colorful finger heart echoes Pride Month’s celebratory spirit.   

Finger heart Pride Month HD wallpaper


5. 3D Pride Month Wallpaper

Add a detailed 3D touch to your iPhone with this gay Pride wallpaper. The glittery background beautifully highlights the PRIDE logo at the center. 

3D Pride Month Wallpaper  


6. Flag march pride wallpaper

Want to get realistic Pride Month vibes? On your iPhone, sport this wallpaper that highlights the official Flag march of the LGBTQ tribe. Just tap Download.  

Flag march pride wallpaper  


7. Rainbow heart Pride Month wallpaper for iPhone 

Red hearts are cliché. This Pride Month, celebrate love with a stunning rainbow heart wallpaper. Add a classy edge to your iPhone.  

Rainbow heart Pride Month wallpaper for iPhone


8. Dreamy Pride Month wallpaper 

If you love simplicity, you will love this trans pride wallpaper for iPhone. Floating clouds, a rainbow path, and two love birds- its cuteness overloaded! 

Dreamy Pride Month wallpaper 


9. Stripes Pride Month wallpaper

Simple and sweet. That is how this striped wallpaper is. Set against a black background, the wallpaper features rainbow stripes, an Apple logo, and the Pride tag.   

Stripes Pride Month wallpaper


10. Aesthetic Pride Month iPhone wallpaper

Louis Tomlinson’s masterpiece, ‘Only the Brave,’ will adorn your iPhone screen with this aesthetic wallpaper. Monochrome and colors – you get the best of both worlds. 

Aesthetic Pride Month iPhone wallpaper


Love is Love!

Get immersed in the season of ‘love is love’ with these special LGBT pride iPhone wallpapers. From adorable finger hearts to glittery Pride slogans, our collection has everything to melt your heart. So add a statement to your iPhone with these catchy wallpapers. Trust me; you would love to flex them in front of your friends.   

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