Best Valentine’s Day iPhone wallpapers in 2023

This Valentine’s Day, share these romantic wallpapers with your dear ones and make them fall in love with their screen and you! These images were created by our in-house designers, who were inspired by the art on Pinterest and Freepik. Without further ado, download these Valentine’s Day wallpapers and allow the warm and fuzzy sentiments of love to engulf your … Read more

DaVinci Resolve for iPad: A detailed guide to use key features

Users of Mac, Windows, and Linux have long relied on the high-quality video editing, colour correction, and audio post-production capabilities of DaVinci Resolve. So, iPad users may now utilise DaVinci Resolve as well. Discover which iPads are compatible with DaVinci Resolve and its main features by reading our comprehensive guide to the programme. Which iPads … Read more

How to measure distance between two points in Google Maps on iPhone

Things to know before measuring distance in Google Maps: To find directions and the distance between our starting point and our destination, we all utilise Google Maps. Additionally, Google Maps gives you the option to calculate the actual flying distance between any two sites. To get the straight line distance between two spots or the … Read more

How to use Smart Folders in Notes on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Having difficulties keeping track of or locating the notes you require? You can create folders in Apple Notes that automatically contain particular notes by using Smart Folders. You now have a fantastic approach to maintain your organisation and keep track of the notes you need most. Let’s now examine how to create and utilise Smart … Read more

New iOS 17 Accessibility features: Assistive Access, Personal Voice, and Live Speech

While everyone is anticipating WWDC 2023, Apple has pleasantly surprised us by releasing a sneak peek of iOS 17’s new accessibility features. Due to the announcement’s timing—just before Global Accessibility Awareness Day—it was of greater significance. Some of the new features that Apple will roll out later this year have been introduced to fans. So … Read more

New Apple Music features in iOS 17: Crossfade, Collaborative Playlists, and more

Along with helpful updates to system apps like Phone, Messages, and FaceTime, iOS 17 introduces a few new capabilities. That’s not all, though. Additionally, Apple has released fresh, user-requested additions that will be included in iOS 17’s Apple Music service. It makes sense for you to be enthusiastic about these new iOS 17 capabilities if … Read more