Apple’s Developer Beta vs. Public Beta vs. Stable version: What is different?

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The terms “Developer Beta” and “Public Beta,” whether or not you are a computer geek, must be familiar to you. Before they are formally released to the public, Apple gives customers the opportunity to test out impending software updates with these Beta releases. The Apple software is thought to be stable as of the official … Read more

Best piano learning apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023


When you have the proper instruction and the best equipment, learning the piano is surprisingly easy and enjoyable. However, not everyone can afford a private tutor and all the sophisticated equipment. Where do the top iPhone and iPad piano learning applications come into play? They are readily available and offer a huge selection of tunes … Read more

15 Ways to fix “Cannot Connect to App Store” on iPhone or iPad 


The App Store is the only place to go whether you want to update an existing app or browse for new, trending apps. App Stores are frequently user-friendly and responsive. You may occasionally encounter the “Can’t connect to App Store” problem message on your iPhone or iPad. If that applies to you, don’t panic; I’ve … Read more

How to clear Facebook cache on iPhone or iPad (2023)


Your iPhone may become as sluggish as a tortoise if the Facebook app collects corrupt cache data. Therefore, maintaining privacy and performance on your device requires doing a small but crucial step: deleting the cache. I’ll lead you through the simplest ways to remove the Facebook cache on an iPhone or iPad in this article. … Read more

How to block YouTube from tracking your activity on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Your whole online history is stored and recorded. Similar rules apply to YouTube. Every time you use the site to watch videos, the algorithm proposes related videos and tailored adverts depending on how you interacted with the content. Here’s how to stop YouTube from tracking your activities on iPhone, iPad, and Mac if you’re worried … Read more

Tips to use People album in Photos app on iPhone like a pro!


The Photos app may group pictures of the same person together after automatically identifying them in your shots. Therefore, you don’t need to separate albums and sort photos. Additionally, you can give each person a name and personalise albums. Quite intriguing, huh? Let’s discover how to master the People album on iPhone Photos! How does … Read more