How to clear Facebook cache on iPhone or iPad (2023)


Your iPhone may become as sluggish as a tortoise if the Facebook app collects corrupt cache data. Therefore, maintaining privacy and performance on your device requires doing a small but crucial step: deleting the cache. I’ll lead you through the simplest ways to remove the Facebook cache on an iPhone or iPad in this article. … Read more

How to block YouTube from tracking your activity on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Your whole online history is stored and recorded. Similar rules apply to YouTube. Every time you use the site to watch videos, the algorithm proposes related videos and tailored adverts depending on how you interacted with the content. Here’s how to stop YouTube from tracking your activities on iPhone, iPad, and Mac if you’re worried … Read more

How to turn on Background App Refresh on iPhone or iPad


Things to know before you turn on Background App Refresh on your iPhone The best memory management features are found on Apple devices. With the Background App Refresh feature, you may prevent the requirement for the apps to reload everything. Therefore, you can pick up where you left off when you switch apps. Nice, huh? Let’s … Read more

How to change Gmail and Outlook password on iPhone and iPad


Today, email is frequently used as our major form of communication. As a result, it requires increased security protocols and frequent password changes. Additionally, you ought to take this action if you believe your account has been compromised or if you think someone may know your password. I’ll show you how to update your Gmail … Read more