Best power banks for Apple Watch in 2023

The Apple Watch is the ideal ally for your daily grind.Introducing a compact, portable power bank designed exclusively for Apple Watch. This gorgeous device not only functions like a conventional watch but also boosts your sense of style and has incredible functionality. So why not wear your Apple Watch despite its low battery level? I assume you won’t like that.

This post, which lists the top Power Banks for Apple Watch, is here because we knew exactly what you were thinking. We have made an effort to include items based on important factors like wireless or wired, size, price, and usability, all while keeping your interests in mind. To make the best choice, consider the advantages and disadvantages listed beneath each product.

1. NEWDERY – Portable and efficient

The NEWDERY power bank, which has a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery, can be the ideal ally for your smartwatch. Your Apple Watch will be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours without a hitch when you place it on this wireless charger.

The NEWDERY Apple Watch charger is also fairly portable, with a thickness of just 0.74 inches, unlike other power banks. This gadget, which is decorated in a keychain manner, has a lanyard hole from which you may hang it on a hook or your backpack to prevent loss.

The power bank’s powerful magnetic adsorption makes charging incredibly simple. To prevent slippage, you can alter the angle at which your Apple Watch rests on the battery. Additionally, the power bank works with a variety of Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Ultra, Series 1–8, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike Plus, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition.

Short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating are not risks that the charger faces. Additionally, there are four LED indications for power and charging. You may use this power bank to simultaneously charge your phone and another device if you have an extra USB-C or lightning wire.


  • Low thickness and weight for easy portability 
  • Diverse compatibility 
  • Four LED indicators 
  • Strong magnetic induction 


  • Overheating issue 

2. Belkin Boost power bank – Quick charging support at all times 

Do you require a power bank for your Apple Watch that is affordable and provides high performance? Then you should give the Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank some thought. This portable charger provides your Apple Watch with an instant energy boost thanks to its 2000mAh battery support. With this power bank, you can extend the Apple Watch’s battery life by up to 63 hours.

When you are out and about, keep the Belkin wireless charger in your pocket or work bag. You may roam about with your watch and charger without restriction thanks to the power bank’s lightweight and compact design. It will quickly become your preferred Apple Watch accessory.

A micro-USB connector included with the power bank makes it easy to swiftly recharge your gadget. The portable charger also makes it easier to monitor your fitness, utilise Apple Pay, and receive notifications whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, this Belkin product is an MFI-certified Apple Watch power bank.


  • MFi-certification ensures quality performance
  • Portable size
  • Compatible with multiple Apple Watch versions


  • Micro-USB port is not compatible with modern USB-C chargers
  • Can charge only the Apple Watch

3. iWALK – Perfect Apple Watch accessory

The iWalk power bank includes all the features you’re looking for in an Apple Watch attachment, including a small size and excellent performance. With a 9000mAh battery, the iWalk power bank can keep up with your workload by charging your Apple Watch around 20 times. Therefore, this power bank might be your go-to tool if you are planning a week-long journey and are not in the mood to carry multiple charges.

To offer the best battery support, the wireless charger includes an integrated magnetic charger and lightning cord. Additionally, the power bank’s single battery easily powers your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The key selling point of the iWalk power bank is its convenient design and small weight.

For input and output, you can use the Lightning cord and the USB-C port. This makes it simple to charge your smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. Many uses from a single recharge. You’re smart, right? Additionally, frequent problems like a short circuit, overheating, over-temperature, over-voltage, etc. are not a concern for your power bank.


  • Lightning port support 
  • Charges iPhone, iPad, etc.  
  • Compatible with multiple Apple Watches versions 


  • Less durable 
  • Slow performance

4. OIFEN – Wireless speedy charging

While travelling, it can be challenging to keep your Apple Watch charged. For any of these circumstances, you may rely on a potent power bank for Apple Watch, like one from OIFEN. This power bank, which has a 1000mAh battery, takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge your smartwatch. The charger’s battery is also housed in a compact, transportable frame that fits in your pocket or bag. Nice, huh?

You can switch out your watch without worrying about the surface thanks to the tool’s magnetic support. Moreover, the gadget’s integrated over-voltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection provide your expensive smartwatch with best-in-class security. This watch is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 through 7 and SE.

Because the USB-C connector is there, charging the power bank is simple. To swiftly charge it, simply plug it into your laptop or another device with a USB port. Additionally, you can save time by concurrently configuring your watch and OIFEN power bank. The power bank contains light indicators that show the state of the charging and power. 


  • High-speed charging 
  • Wireless  
  • USB-supported easy charging 
  • Protection from current and voltage fluctuations 


  • Less durable 
  • Issues with charging support 

5. LVFAN – Magnetic charging for Apple Watch

LVFAN is a strong magnetic wireless charger that ensures your Watch is always charged and is trusted by thousands of Apple Watch users. To use the 4000 mAh battery gadget, simply plug it into any wall charger or USB-backed power bank. It really is that easy. Additionally, the magnetic adsorption method makes sure that your watch is firmly adhered to the charger. Keep it up, friend!

In addition, the charger has a lightweight design and a small footprint, making it easy to hold in your hand. You may hang the charger from your bag’s chain or hook thanks to the lanyard. I can assure you that the keychain design will prevent you from losing or forgetting your Apple device if you are a forgetful person like I am.

LVFAN ensures that your power bank is safe from problems of over-temperature, over-voltage, short circuits, etc. Also, the four LED indicators reflect the charging and power status. Also, you can use this charger for an array of Apple Watch versions like Series 1-8, SE, and Ultra.


  • Quick charging 
  • Magnetic adsorption ensures a firm grip 
  • Lanyard support 


  • Need an extra USB-C cable for charging your phone 

6. HUOTO – Powerful battery back up

A built-in magnetic adsorption solution is included with the HUOTO power bank for Apple Watch. Additionally, the integrated 1,400mAh battery gives your Apple Watch a speedy full charge in just three hours.

Additionally, you receive a Type-C and USB converter to facilitate two-way charging. Therefore, all you have to do to use it is plug it into your computer or another device that supports USB. The HUOTO power bank is the ideal accessory for customers who detest the hassles of tangled wires due to its cable-less design.

Additionally, you can transport this pocket-sized device in your wallets or handbags during those lengthy journey excursions. Additionally, the power bank’s keychain ring allows you to connect it to your travel bag and eliminate any possibility of losing the device.

This power bank is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-8 and Watch Ultra.


  • Lightweight, compact design 
  • Supports multiple Apple Watch versions 
  • Type-C charging port 


  • Issues with magnetic hold 
  • Average charging support 

Bonus pick: Anker 

Anker is the top brand of chargers and power banks for thousands of people worldwide. Because of this, even though the focus of this article is Apple Watch power banks, I decided to include Anker’s potent charger for the Apple Watch in this list.

This Apple Watch charger has a stylish body with dimensions of 2.19 x 1.57 x 0.45 inches and a small footprint for convenient transportation. Did I mention that the device is wireless, removing the need for those annoying, tangled wires?

Additionally, the magnetic charger is lightweight (less than an ounce) and provides your valuable Apple Watch with powerful charging support whenever you place the watch over it. To swiftly charge the Anker charger, simply plug it into any USB-A port.

The charger is also appropriate with Apple Watch Series 1-6 and SE.


  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • The aluminum body ensures durability 
  • MFi certified gadget 


  • Issues with USB fit 

Wrapping up 

For someone who travels frequently or has a demanding work schedule, power banks are a godsend. These small devices make sure your gadgets are constantly in working order without taking up time to charge. I hope the power banks on this list are just what you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Please leave reviews in the comments section.


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