Apple’s Developer Beta vs. Public Beta vs. Stable version: What is different?

The terms “Developer Beta” and “Public Beta,” whether or not you are a computer geek, must be familiar to you. Before they are formally released to the public, Apple gives customers the opportunity to test out impending software updates with these Beta releases. The Apple software is thought to be stable as of the official public deployment. Isn’t that easy?

But there’s more to it than that. Continue reading this article to learn the differences between Developer Beta, Public Beta, and Stable Versions as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Developer Beta – A brief overview

Apple reserves its initial Beta releases only for developers in the form of Developer Beta programs. These versions arrive on the same day as the announcement of new software releases, i.e., during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).   

iOS 17 Developer Beta Version

The Developer Beta’s main goal is to enable app developers to utilise and integrate the brand-new Apple features into their own core ecosystems. They now have the opportunity to upgrade their portals accordingly. The Developer Beta programme also has a number of issues, mostly because it is the first version of the software.

The Developer Beta may experience frequent programme crashes, system sluggishness, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, malfunctions, and significant battery drain in addition to being unstable. Your typical apps, including Notes and widgets, could also abruptly stop functioning.

Surprisingly, the Developer Beta version is now available for free as of WWDC23. To test Developer Betas in the past, developers had to pay $99 for the Apple Developer membership.


  • Early access to the latest features 
  • Share your valuable feedback with Apple 
  • App developers can optimize their apps before the OS release 
  • Easy downgrade 


  • Very unstable and glitchy 
  • Frequent crashes of third-party apps  
  • Connectivity and battery life issues

Public Beta – A brief overview

With the release of iOS 9 in 2015, Apple established the first-ever Public Beta programme. Public Beta releases have since been a common practise alongside Developer Beta releases. Apple offers the general public the chance to sign up for the testing phase of upcoming software as part of the Public Beta programme. Users are expected to provide the company with their first-hand feedback after attempting.

iOS 16 Public Beta Version

In terms of the release, Public Beta releases come out a few weeks after the Developer Beta. At the WWDC, Apple, for instance, published the Developer Beta versions of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, watchOS, and tvOS. On the other hand, the Public Beta is anticipated to launch in July.

The Public Beta offers enhanced features, resilience, and stability. This beta release tries to polish the programme and address any performance problems that users may have encountered.


  • Access new iOS features before the official release 
  • Improved stability and better features 
  • Apple accepts feedback 
  • Easy downgrading 


  • Common bugs 
  • Performance issues expected 

Stable Version – A brief overview

Many of our readers might be aware of Developer and Public Beta programs. The people who tend to download these versions are often Apple geeks, like us!

iOS 16.5 Stable Version

The stable version follows. In September, Apple typically makes the Stable version available alongside the newest gadgets. The public can then download the software update onto their Apple devices after it has been unlocked. New software versions will be made known to all users.

Out of all the prior beta programmes, this version is without a doubt the most stable variant. Because it bears the fewest risks and difficulties, the Stable version is preferred by the majority of users.


  • Stable and fewer issues 
  • Seamless access to the improved version of features  


  • Takes considerable amount of time to become available

What makes Developer, Public, and Stable versions different? 

Now that Apple has opened up access to the Developer Beta programme to everyone, the only distinction between the Developer, Public, and Stable versions is how well they operate. The timing of the three versions’ launches is another important distinction. Public and Stable follow the Developer Beta in a two- to three-month lag after it.

As you transition from the Developer Beta to the Stable version, the likelihood of problems and malfunctions also starts to decline. Additionally, Apple enables data-free downgrading from the most recent software Beta to an earlier OS.

Therefore, you may quickly uninstall the latest iOS while using the beta if you don’t like it. Check out our fast downgrade guide on


Is iOS Developer Beta safe to use? 

Yes. Downloading the iOS Developer Beta is secure. Your privacy won’t be violated or your data lost. You must be conscious of the typical issues that arise with it, though. Furthermore, some applications might not run properly.

Do I have to pay for iOS Developer Beta? 

No, accessing Apple’s Developer Beta is free now. Though earlier, developers had to purchase the Apple Developer membership for $99 to test the Developer Beta.  


We hope that after reading this post, it will be simple for you to select the ideal Apple Beta programme depending on your needs and interests.

Please share your thoughts on the most recent versions of iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and watchOS in the comments area.



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