12 Cool origami 3D wallpapers for iPhone in 2023 ( Free download )

What if I tell you that I am here to introduce you to one of your long-lost friends? Confused? Well, I am talking about origami. I know most of you must have read this word after ages. Well, then, you are in for a treat here. Get ready to welcome origami back into your life with cool, trendy iPhone wallpapers.  

Add a new aesthetic to your iPhone with these wallpapers showcasing some interesting origami designs. Not to forget, you will be spoilt for choice with the color palette adorning each wallpaper. Seeking inspiration from Pinterest and Freepik, our designers have curated the best origami 3D wallpapers for iPhone to please the inner artist in you.  

Tap the download button available at the bottom of every image to add the wallpaper to your iPhone. I know you won’t stop at one! 

1. Play with pyramids origami 3D wallpaper 

Pyramids are spooky. Embrace a new side of eeriness through this beautiful wallpaper that features color pyramids crafted with the magic of origami.

Play with pyramids iPhone wallpaper


2. Colorful origami butterflies wallpaper

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Hit the download button below this origami wallpaper and bring the beauty of these tiny creatures to your iPhone.  

Colorful Origami Butterflies wallpaper


3. Cool red boat wallpaper for iPhone 

Rekindle your childhood memories with these adorable origami paper boat wallpaper. The red boat in a pool of white will melt your heart for sure. 

Cool red boat wallpaper for iPhone


4. Serene white paper flowers wallpaper  

White flowers denote serenity. Amid the chaos, these beautiful origami white flowers adorning the wallpaper will soothe your mind instantly.  

Serene white paper flowers wallpaper


5. Lovely swans iPhone wallpaper 

Add a pop of color to your iPhone screen with this colorful wallpaper featuring the ever-so-elegant origami swans. These love preachers will surely brighten up your day.

Lovely swans iPhone wallpaper


6. Hanging birds origami iPhone wallpaper 

Since childhood, I have loved watching birds flying high across the blue sky. If you feel the same, welcome these tiny birdies as your next iPhone wallpaper.  

Hanging birds Origami iPhone wallpaper 


7. Fun animated water boats wallpaper  

Do you like the eye-catching graphics of animated TV shows? If yes, this floating boat wallpaper with cute animation feels will surely pick your interest.  

Fun animated water boats wallpaper


8. Flashy pyramids 3D wallpaper 

Give your iPhone screen a 3D touch with this exciting wallpaper featuring green and pink pyramids. Tap the Download button below Now. 

Flashy pyramids wallpaper


9. Cute origami 3D designs

Do you know what’s pretty? Your wallpaper! This orange-themed wallpaper with cute origami swans, flowers, and birds will bring liveliness to your dull iPhone screen instantly.  


10. Origami paper animals

Hey, animal lovers! This wallpaper is a visual treat for you. Enjoy the view of tiny elephants, penguins, and birds whenever you open your iPhone. Cool, right? 


11. Red and yellow hearts origami 3D wallpaper  

Spill the magic of tiny, adorable origami hearts by downloading the given below wallpaper. The yellow heart peeking out will add a special charm to your iPhone.

Red and Yellow Hearts Origami wallpaper


12. Dark sculpture origami wallpaper

If eccentricity is your taste, you will fall in love with this beautiful sculpture that forms the focus of this wallpaper. Also, let me know if you learn that the man is lost in thoughts or love.  

Dark sculpture Origami iPhone wallpaper 


Add an artistic touch to your iPhone! 

Give your iPhone a touch of origami with these stunning artistic, aesthetic wallpapers. Whether you want to play with colors or add paper animals, these wallpapers will satiate all your whims.  

Our designers have put in their best effort to spoil you for choice. You will fall in love with the style, animation, and unique designs of the wallpapers. So, don’t feel shy while tapping the download button placed below each wallpaper image here. You will love watching these cute origami 3D wallpapers whenever you open your iPhone.  

Thank you for reading, and do let me know your favorite pick! 

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